Emergency Application

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the Emergency Notification in text messages, we cannot guarantee it. In the event of discrepancies between the information sent by text message and the most official press release from the St. James Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness will prevail. Subscribers must contact our office of Emergency Preparedness at 225-562-2364 or website for official Notification information.


This is meant to assist you during Emergency situations, assuming your cell phone provider is capable of delivering the message. During disasters, St. James Parish Government will attempt to use all forms of publicly accessible communications including but not limited to telephone, 911, email, website, text messages, corrupted text messages, as well as incorrect and non-delivery of texts may occur. Any or all of these services could become unavailable. St. James Parish Government shall not be held responsible for failure of these services.

Note: St. James Parish Government does not charge a fee to subscribe to our text message alert program. Your Cell Phone Provider may charge a fee for every text message received, please refer to your wireless carrier's agreement for details on your text messaging plan.