Library Meeting Room

Visit the library in person or give us a call to reserve the meeting room.

1.The meeting room may be reserved free of charge by the following groups:    

__ Civic                            __Educational                __Cultural              __Non-profit              __Corporate                                                 __ Governmental            __Homeschool                 __Charitable.         Other_________________________

INDICATE the type that best describes your group. The St. James Parish Library reserves the right to request documentation of non-profit and any other organization. If questions arise as to a group’s  use of the meeting room, St. James Parish Library Supervisor shall be the final authority.

2.Groups meeting weekly/monthly should  annually update this form for use of the meeting room. Contact information        for the person reserving the room must be valid and up-to-date.

3.Patrons should pick up a key on the day of the meeting or on Saturday by noon if the meeting is on Sunday. Place the Key/Allen wrenches in the Book Drop immediately after locking entrance door. These instructions are found on the envelope with the key.

4.Patrons are not to put anything on walls (NO TAPE, GLUE, PINS, NAILS, SCREWS, ETC.).  The green wall which is BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL should be used for displays.

5.Any group using the meeting room is expected to conduct its proceedings in a quiet, orderly manner so as not to disrupt normal library functions and service. Library staff has the authority to terminate any meeting which does not abide by this rule.

6.Activities must be confined to the meeting room. Absolutely NO activities allowed in the hall area.

7.Groups must limit attendees to the posted room capacity.

8.The library reserves the right to refuse future bookings to groups that consistently fail to appear on scheduled meeting dates or do not abide by meeting room guidelines or the library’s patron behavior policy.

9.All meetings must be concluded no later than 10 p.m.

10.NO smoking , NO gambling, NO selling or consumption of alcohol will be allowed in the St. James Parish Library       building. NO selling of any kind of merchandise, products, or services.

11.Groups are responsible for their own table setup. The 8 tables and 46 chairs are library property.  PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THESE FROM THE BUILDING.

12.Please remove any items brought into the meeting room. The library will not be responsible for anything left behind.  Groups bringing food/drink into the meeting room should: wipe down tables, dispose of trash (there’s a dumpster     outside), and remove any debris from floor. Both the meeting room and the restroom facilities are to be left in orderly condition.

13.Meeting room may be reserved by adults only. Youth organizations using the room must have an adult  sponsor present at all times.

14.The name and address of the library MAY NOT be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization.    

15.A VCR /monitor or a DVD/television are available; you must request these in advance for them to be placed in the room.